A solution tailored to the needs of the food industry


Nowadays the food industry faces a great deal of challenges: legal obligations such as traceability, conformity with industrial standards, an explosion of product varieties and a competitive cost-conscious environment. Our specific solution helps to face these challenges.


A fast and accurate traceability

All data concerning origin and quality are carefully registered in our system where they can be consulted at any time. This enables you to act swiftly in case of problems and provides you with the necessary information in case of inspections and audits. Recalls are easily defined, which reduces the impact and costs involved.

An increased flexibility

You can easily switch from one product to another, and new products or packagings are introduced without a hitch. You can handle temporary peaks or last-minute orders without any difficulties. Your deliveries are quicker and more correct.

An optimal use of human resources and equipment

Our systems provide you with a better insight in the actual capabilities of your production facilities and your logistic operations, which results in an optimal use of your assets (people, equipment, storage zones, ...).

Tailored to the food industry

  • Compliant with international standards and rules such as GS1, BRC, IFS, FDA, HACCP, GMP, General Food Law, ...
  • Contains all the functions necessary for the preparation, packaging and identification (GS1 labeling, RFID) of food products. A comprehensive lot management is included (e.g. FIFO/FEFO, ...).
  • Implemented by professionals with many years of experience in the food industry



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